Strip™ NC Puriclean Max Cleanser releasegels


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Purimax ReleaseGels is scientifically formulated with our proprietary ReleaseGel Technology to be up to 5X stronger and work faster than any other pre-mixed liquid, capsule or tablet. 

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We make choices every day to keep our bodies clean and healthy but, unfortunately, we are still exposed to toxins and pollutants that are out of our control. We believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best and we focus on making the best quality products from natural ingredients. Total wellness is our specialty, and we strive to provide you with the supplements you need to live a clean and healthy life. With our new Purimax ReleaseGels delivery system, your body gets the full cleansing strength moments after entering your system. Make the right choice and get Purimax ReleaseGelsthe strongest and fastest cleanser available on the market today!

Contents: Two Softgels, 32 oz water measuring bottle