TV7 Breadvac - 600g - Black


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Bulk Home & Travel Container - 1.34lb / 600g

The TV7 Breadvac is a multipurpose flower power bad boy. It can be used for storing and curing. Clones (packed properly) can be transported safely and securely up to 2 days. The perfect 16 oz storage container for Medical Herbs, keeping your nugs, buds and flowers fresher for longer. With 3 body styles, Solid, Tint and Clear you have choices for different situations and purposes. Have a collection of different strains? Keep them all together- fresher, forever! To achieve a smell proof situation we highly recommend a strong zip lock bag inside the Vac. For longer term storage a moisture disc may want to be used. This is a personal preference.

Dimensions: 14"tall x 8.5"wide (35.6 cm x 21.5 cm)

Medical Herbs: up to 1.34 lb / 600g